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Our values



Respect of the horses

Listening attentively riders

Your safety is paramount for us. So that your moment at Horse Dreams will be the most in accordance with your expectations, horse and continuity of the activity are adapted to your riding level. Our walks are always supervised by qualified equestrian tourism professionals. Wearing a helmet is mandatory.

We love our horses, we take care of them and they do the same for us. Our horses have a balanced character because we search for them an environment as close as possible to their natural state. They live in groups in paddocks, go to the meadow on holiday in turn each year. Their job is mainly to hike in the forest, they obviously do this with great enthusiasm. We regularly intervene dentist and osteopath for their well-being.

At Horse Dreams, you will always come to enjoy a friendly and warm moment. We take care to guarantee the family atmosphere of the club. The team is receptive for any questions and will always be attentive to any of your concerns or questions during your activity.

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