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The answers to all your questions are here ...

Who can come to Horse Dreams?

Whatever your age, your level of riding and even if you have never ridden, you are welcome. Our cavalry and our executive staff will allow you to ride in full serenity. However, riding is a physical sport and requires a good physical condition to go hiking for a few days.


We welcome groups (as part of your works council, outing family or friends, association or your stag or bachelorette party) but we do not practice specific rates in this case except sometimes ( quotation available on request).


We also offer social activities through a partner association. Do not hesitate to contact the team by mail ( for any questions.


Riders hikers can stop off with us (physical reception of horses and riders's accommodations in the surrounding guest rooms).

How to define my level to choose my activity?


Define your level using the characters below and communicate it to us on the booking form. If you have a federal level (diploma obtained), indicate it as well. It will permit to us to choose a mount perfectly appropriate to your level.

I am never mounted on horseback

I climbed a few times and I know the trot

I am able to follow at three paces

I know how to handle a horse in a group







What equipment do I need?

Helmet conform to standards

(available if necessary)

Clothing adapted to the weather

(available if necessary in event of rain)

Adapted undergarments

Comfortable and flexible trousers

Boots, sneakers or boots (with heels in preference)

equestrian equipment

For all our activities, we lend the essential helmet to you. For your comfort, we recommend that you come in casual dress (comfortable and flexible pants, without seams and adapted to the weather) and sneakers, boots or rubber boots. Sports underwear or near the body are strongly recommended (do not neglect this point!).

Am I obligated to wear a helmet?

For all our activities, the wearing of a helmet conform to standards is MANDATORY. We provide them if you need one.

Who should I contact to book?

Once the activity has been chosen, identify the team concerned using the ribbons OR by clicking on the "booking" tab on each activity sheet OR by consulting the tariffs sheet. Thus, for the activities of Horse Dreams, please contact : . For the activities of CECA, please contact :

Please remember to indicate each time:

  • The desired activity and the number of participants

  • The desired date and if you prefer the morning or the afternoon

  • The riding level of each participant

  • The number of times each rode on horseback

  • Your phone number

What does the tariff include?

Our rates are free of any membership. They include the rental of the horse, the loan of horse and rider equipment (mini-chaps and helmet), the insurance and the executive staff.

How can I pay my activity?

Payment is made on site, on the day of the activity, by check payable to Horse Dreams, cash, holiday or sport vouchers. Attention, we do not take the credit card. Anticipate payments are also possible by check (payable to Horse Dreams and sent by post office) or by bank transfer (Bank details on request). Banknote over 200 euros are not accepted.

How to go to the club?

To come in the club, click here.

Should I come in advance?

We ask our riders to come 1 hour before the start of the ride. Like that, each rider can take the time to equip himself and prepare his mount. We attach a great importance to the respect of the schedules which allow our horses to rest sufficiently between each trip.

Can I cancel my booked activity?

Absolutely but it must remain an exceptional case. Any cancellation must be justified in order not to disturb our organization (rain is not a cancellation factor for us). If so, please contact us by phone to cancel

equestrian trek

Team concerned

Can we rent a horse independently?

We do not rent horses alone for yourself. Our activities are always supervised by a qualified professional.

What about insurance?

If you do not have a multi-purpose insurance covering sports activities, we suggest you take a year-round license (36 euros for adults and 25 euros for minors) or for the day - "licence verte" (8 euros per person - available for 30 days). In case you do not want to take insurance for the practice of an activity, you discharge the club of any responsibility in case of accident. Owners must hold a CPEP license for each of their horses as well as a personal license.

You haven't found the answer to your question ?

For Horse Dreams activities, send us an email:

For Ceca activities, send us an email :

We will respond very quickly to your message.

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