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The forest of Fontainebleau

Ancre 1

onsidered as one of the most beautiful in France, the forest of Fontainebleau covers 25,000 hectares. With 8 million of trees, it is home an exceptional flora and fauna inspired by the painters of the famous "l'école de barbizon".


Through 500 km of marked trails, horses gallop on bridle paths, climbers cling, mountain bikers and runners wander the miles, walkers unfold their map and artists capture the light to reveal the most beautiful colors.


All meet at the course of the paths, admire beeches, pines, oaks and, from time to time, cross the road of boars, deer, woodpeckers or squirrels.


The perfect opportunity to enjoy the qualities invigorating, relaxing and energizing of the forest!


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