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Gift vouchers

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Want to offer a Horse Dreams adventure?

Click on the gift and discover the surprises that he can reserve to you.

Comment réserver ?

I identify the activity I wish to offer : name of activity, rate and team concerned (Horse Dreams ou Ceca).



I request my gift voucher by sending a mail to in indication as object: "Gift voucher request"


I send a check corresponding to the amount of the gift to Horse Dreams, 30 bis rue du château - 77760 Achères la Forêt to the order of Horse Dreams OR of the Ceca. In my mail, I do not forget ton remind the subject of the request (surname and first name of the beneficiary and chosen activity). After receipt of payment, we will send you your voucher by email.        

equestrian gift voucher

I print it and fill it in indicating the sender, the recipient and the chosen activity on the gift voucher.


The person who receiving your gift will only have to fill in the corresponding online form (Horse Dreams ou Ceca) to register and come to enjoy their gift by presenting their voucher.


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